Azur Lane: Crosswave Limited Edition

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Azur Lane: Crosswave Limited Edition


*Free domestic shipping on US orders.

*Select from the PS4 or Steam version.

*For the Steam version, you will receive the game code and deluxe pack code via email after release of the game.

*Returns for the Steam version will be unavailable once your code has been sent.

*EU Customer? Preorder both the Steam and PS4 LE from Iffy's EU Online Store! 


The Playstation 4 version includes:

  • PS4 Standard Edition Game
  • Azur Lane: Crosswave Steel Game Case
  • "Nautical Debriefing" Hardcover Art Book
  • Official Soundtrack
  • Shimakaze Figure
  • 2" Enamel Pin Set
  • Sakura Empire Standee
  • Reversible Cover Sleeve
  • Collector's Box 
  • Azur Lane: Crosswave Deluxe Bundle


The Steam version includes:

  • Deluxe Edition Steam Code (sent via email)
  • Azur Lane: Crosswave Steel Game Case
  • "Nautical Debriefing" Hardcover Art Book
  • Official Soundtrack
  • Shimakaze Figure
  • 2" Enamel Pin Set
  • Sakura Empire Standee
  • Collector's Box 


Azur Lane: Crosswave Steel Game Case
Forged from the finest materials the Eagle Union's got, the Azur Lane: Crosswave Steel Game Case will be sure to protect your game from incoming cannon fire.

Size: 7.5" x 5.12" x 0.63"
Material: Tinplate

"Nautical Debriefing" Hardcover Art Book
Discover the most classified of information hidden within the Nautical Debriefing Art Book. Inside this hardcover book, you'll find design documents, rigging breakdowns, and more for all of the playable characters in Azur Lane: Crosswave!

Size: 6.3" x 7.9"
Pages: 96

Azur Lane: Crosswave Official Soundtrack
Surf the ocean waves and rock out to your favorite songs on the Azur Lane: Crosswave Official Soundtrack. Includes the Ending Theme to Azur Lane: Crosswave!

Tracks: 16

Shimakaze Figure
The waters of life can be treacherous, but you'll get by with a friend like the Shimakaze Figure by your side!

Figure Height: 3.56"
Material: PVC

2" Enamel Pin Set
Be the envy of your fleet as you set sail while repping three of your favorite characters with the 2" Enamel Pin Set!

Characters: Ayanami, Javelin, Suruga
Size: 2"
Material: Hard Enamel

Sakura Empire Standee
Perk up your ears and style your desk with the members of the Sakura Empire with the Sakura Empire Standee. With artwork by tetubuta featuring Takao, Atago, and Yamashiro!

Standee Size: 5.75" x 3.56"
Material: Acrylic

Reversible Cover Sleeve
Like adding a fresh coat of paint to a seventy-year-old battleship, sometimes you just need a change. The Standard Edition of Azur Lane: Crosswave includes a Reversible Cover Sleeve, allowing you to show off your game featuring art of Shimakaze and Suruga in the heat of battle!

Collector's Box
Being stored in this Collector's Box, your Limited Edition items will be as safe and sound as a sea-submerged submarine subverting a storm.

Size: 7.0" x 8.56" x 4.69"

Azur Lane: Crosswave Deluxe Bundle (PS4 version only)

  • 2x DLC: Shiranui's Prized Goods Release Sale & Operation EXP Boost
  • 20 Avatars
  • Azur Lane: Crosswave PS4 Theme
  • Digital Soundtrack


* Deluxe DLC Bundle code is EXCLUSIVE to North America.






Release date:
February 2020
PlayStation4, Steam
3D Action Shooter
ESRB descriptor:
Fantasy Violence, Language, Suggestive Themes
Official game website:
Idea Factory International, Inc.
©2020 IDEA FACTORY / COMPILE HEART / FELISTELLA / Manjuu Co.,Ltd. & Yongshi Co.,Ltd. / Yostar, Inc. All rights reserved. Licensed to and published by Idea Factory International, Inc.

50 Reviews

  • 4
    Azur Lane Crosswave: collectors edition

    Posted by Kota Izumi on 18th Feb 2020

    Loving the game so far. It was everything I imagined it would be when I started playing the mobile game and daydreamed what it would be like if they were 3D. It does play more like a VN so far except for the combat, which is actually quite fun. (Most VNs that tried to add non story driven gameplay usually are better off with just the story) The downside I would say being a heavy player of the mobile game is that the combat parts are pretty brief. Standard “try to win within 120 seconds” of a 180 second battle still applies here, but its usually over in about 30 seconds. For the mobile game, grinding is arduous with around 400 different ships and higher exp requirements makes shorter battles a great thing. On a console where you are tethered to one location with a more immersive and detailed experience, gliding over the water surface, firing in several directions at ships and planes and avoiding return’s like- just as I’m getting psyched up for how fun the fight is, I find out I sunk everyone already and the battle is over. And then it’s time for another 5-20 minutes of cutscenes and any adrenaline + hype dies without satisfaction. This type of game flow is better off as a handheld game like on the Switch or Vita in my opinion.
    It’s wonderfully voiced and I bust a couple chuckles here and there, so I would put this at an overall 3.5/5, round it up to a 4. If you played AL mobile, it’s similar but different. It’s like Crisscrossing on desires and results. (The mobile I want more fun story stuff and less battle time, on the console I want more fun battle stuff and less story time) The other feeling I get is like seeing your favorite characters as a cameo from another (but similar) game, and multiply that for each character you are familiar with on the mobile game that exists on the console game.
    Minor spoilers: So far no shikikan; you are focused on a couple of ships’ story and there are some other tangent like changes that threw me off... but overall I’m glad this game was made. Please make it a stepping stone for something greater. PS. Please add all the other CPUs in a later update. Neptune needs her friends!
    Oh and it was nice that the bonuses were packaged separately from the game itself so it’s collector friendly.

  • 5
    Azur Lane: Crosswave

    Posted by Jose Chong on 18th Feb 2020

    A good console version of Azur Lane, waifus and ships? what more can you ask.

  • 4
    It's a good well developed game for a certain crowd

    Posted by Maynard Marinduque on 18th Feb 2020

    I really enjoyed what I played of this game down to the story. But I do feel the average game might not appreciate it for what it is, I suppose I'd only recommend this to fans of the franchise and those who are open to trying any game

  • 5
    Azur lane crosswave

    Posted by Wayne Walton on 17th Feb 2020

    I love the game.

  • 5
    Azur lane

    Posted by Justice DePina on 17th Feb 2020

    I’m very happy with the product I got it the day of release and got the dlc the same day via email

  • 5
    Azur Lane Crosswave

    Posted by Taylor on 17th Feb 2020

    Love the game, also keep up the good work I look for to your other upcoming games.

  • 5
    Azur Lane: Cross Wave LE

    Posted by Giovanie Vallejo on 17th Feb 2020

    Very nice product. Definitely worth every penny.

  • 5

    Posted by Jonanthony Daog on 17th Feb 2020

    I'm totally biased towards this game because I play the mobile version. :D

  • 4
    An awesome Limited Edition for an average game.

    Posted by Bruce Nadeau on 17th Feb 2020

    My order came on time, and in perfect condition. The only complaint I'd have personally is that the game isn't too long, and is just fan service. Maybe they'll add more story with DLC, but the game is actually kind of average to be honest.

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