Neptunia 10th Anniversary Merch Reveal! - Pin/Standees Update, Top Nep Hat, and Nep T-Shirt!

30th Jul 2020

The Neptunia 10th Anniversary Digital Event is less than a month away on August 19 and we have more merchandise to reveal!

Last week we revealed blind sets and a full set for brand new Neptunia chibi acrylic standees and pins. We've heard your feedback and we're happy to share that the standees and pins will also be available for individual purchase! 

In order to make the characters available for purchase individually, we converted 80% of the blind sets into individual standees/pins for purchase.

Since the original intention was to sell these new standees and pins at Anime Expo this year inside gachapon machines, the quantities for these items will be limited to what was created for the show.

Thank you all for your support, patience, and feedback!

• Choose Your Waifu (limited quantities): $11.99 each

• Full Set: $139.99

• Blind Set of 3: $19.99 (Only chance to get a Gold Edition Older Neptune)

Store Page (Standees):

Store Page (Pins):

[New Merchandise]

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Neptunia series wherever you go with the Neptunia 10th Anniversary T-Shirt! Featuring a unique line art design of everyone's favorite goddess drawn by Neptunia character designer Tsunako!

Material: 100% Cotton

T-Shirt Type: Hanes Nano

T-Shirt Color: Black

Sizes: Small - 3XL

Store Page:

You wanted it, you needed it, you memed it! Now, back by popular demand, get your head covered in style with the Top Nep Hat! This premium snapback, with its large stitched lettering, will tell everyone in the room you are truly a connoisseur of the finer things in life.

Store Page:

This wraps up this week's Neptunia 10th Anniversary merchandise announcement! Stay tuned for more announcments next week!

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