Tips and Tricks to Surviving Le Choara in Death end re;Quest™ 2!

Tips and Tricks to Surviving Le Choara in Death end re;Quest™ 2!

18th Sep 2020

Game: Death end re;Quest™ 2
Release: Out Now! 
Platform: PlayStation®4 and Steam®
ESRB: M for Mature

Hello and welcome to another Team Iffy blog post! Today we will be giving you all some tips and tricks for surviving the deadly streets of Le Choara in Death end re;Quest™ 2.

You'll have to help Mai and her friends traverse the town at night and fight the terrifying Shadow Matter along the way. Some battles can be extremely tough the further you progress through the game. But we are here to give you a few tips that can bump up your strategy!

The Sun, Moon, and Stars

Did you know about the Attributes that are tied into the game’s Triact System? Each playable character and each enemy has an Attribute assigned to them; Sun, Moon, or Star. This also means that each character and enemy have an attribute they are weak against.

Sun: Effective against Star

Moon: Effective against Sun

Star: Effective against Moon

Even though each character is assigned a certain attribute, each character can learn skills from all 3 attributes.

Players can use the “Search” feature in the game’s battle menu to check out which attribute is attached to the enemy. Doing this can help strengthen your strategy when protecting characters weak against the enemy’s attribute and assigning the right attacks to take the enemy down.

In the image above, you can see that the enemy "Tylerfais" has an affinity with the Sun based on the icon next to its name. The best character to use against the enemy would be Liliana, because her Attribute is Moon. Mai, whose Attribute is Star, should avoid the enemy's attacks.

Don't let the enemies get the upper hand!

Super Knock Backs and Knock Blows!

One of the best mechanics of the game is the battle’s Knockback System. We’re sure you’ve all lined up your characters to try and get the longest relay you could get. You’ve probably even noticed that you’ve gotten a few “Super” Knockbacks or Blows along the way. What if we told you Supers aren't random, but that you can actually activate the Super Knockbacks and Blows with a well-timed push of a button?

That’s right! You can activate Super Knockbacks and Blows by hitting the “confirm” button just as the character's attack animation begins. A successful Super sends the enemy farther and deals more damage.

If you line up your characters in the perfect spot, you can almost get an endless relay of Super Knock Blows. Unlocking Super Knockback and Blows give players a higher chance of achieving an "Overkill". This means bonus EXP for party members!

Check out our Super Knock Blow video below:

Combine the advantages of the Attributes system with the Super Knockback system to take down any foe with more ease!

Flash Drive Skills

Believe it or not, but there are 9 playable characters in Death end re;Quest 2 and each character has about 30 skills to learn!  Some skills you gain by just leveling up, but others are rewarded to you for getting creative with the Triact System.

It is recommended to try out different combinations often to unlock new skills. It can get pretty difficult at times, because even if you have the right combination of skills lined up, there's only a certain percentage chance that you'll unlock the skill. 

For example: To unlock Mai's "Sol Spear" you'll have to combine the skills "Sfaltia + Lacknish" but this combination only gives you a 40% chance of unlocking it!

Keep testing out different combinations to unlock all the skills for every character! Do you have what it takes?

Are Game Overs Really the End?

Decision-making during the story can be stressful, because of course you don’t want to get a bad ending. Or do you…?

While in the dungeon, players can access the Episode Chart in the main menu of the game. It is here where you can get rewarded for viewing every event scene. There will be a marker that indicates a reward is available after you view a scene. Select that event and you will get an item that can be anything from currency to a new weapon.

So the real question here is, will you keep the characters alive or reap the rewards of their deaths?

It is recommended to have multiple save files, because the Episode Chart does not allow you to jump back to a previous chapter. Without a save file in the chapter you’d like to go back to, players will have to start from the very beginning of the game. 

There are some events that cannot be seen until post-game. So once you finish your first play-through you'll want to start up that New Game+!

Run from the Ao Oni!

Once a player completes the game, a hidden dungeon unlocks near the dorms! In this Death end re;Quest 2 x Ao Oni collaboration, try your best to escape the dungeon without getting touched by the Ao Oni. 

Check out more information at the official website!

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This wraps up today's Team Iffy blog post! Let us know if these tips helped you up your strategy on Twitter or Facebook and let us know if you'd like us to do more Tips and Tricks posts for our future titles. :)

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